Table for 8ish is a way to connect with people from Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. If you’d like to meet more people in our church, then this group is for you!


Q: What exactly is Table for 8ish?

A: Table for 8ish is for adults in the church. These meals provide singles and couples an opportunity to share a family meal as a church family. The purpose is to mix our members up in hopes of developing new and lasting relationships. It is a great way to meet new people at church and get to know your church family better. Each group plans its own meals and gets together once each month for four months. The group can meet at one another’s homes, at a restaurant; at the bowling alley…. it is up to you! 

Q: How does Table for 8ish work?

A: Simply fill out the sign-up form at the church office or register online here
. Everyone is welcome! Once groups are formed, your lead host will contact the members to arrange the details of the first gathering. 

Q: How are the groups formed? Can we be in the same group as our friends?

A: Each group will consist of eight to nine adults. Since the intent of the dinners is to get to know new people, we will not accommodate requests to be in a certain group. The mystery is part of the fun!

Q: Will there be separate groups for singles and couples?

A: No. Our intent is to mix everyone together.

Q: If we eat at someone’s house, who cooks?

A: Typically, the host provides the main dish, and the group members bring appetizer, salad and dessert to round out the meal. You can even pick a “theme night,” (i.e. Italian night, Mexican Night, soup night, etc), and everyone can bring a dish that goes with that theme.

Q: What happens after our final gathering?

A: Hopefully, you will have had a wonderful experience and decide to continue to meet at a group outside of
Table for 8-ish. You can also sign up for another round with another group.

Q:  What should I do with my children?


A:  Please hire a sitter because childcare will not be available at the church due to the differing dates of events.


Q: Who can I contact with questions?


Email Merry Armentrout at with any questions you have.