"Where is god during disasteR?"



In the midst of a tragedy, there's a common saying among hospital chaplains: "There are no strangers in intensive care waiting rooms." 

It seems to me that with the flooding from Hurricane Harvey, Southeast Texas and its cities comprise one, giant, humongous intensive care waiting room.

For the time being, neighbors are stepping up and really, really helping one another. It is so, so good to see. Common trauma brings out common decency; something we desperately need these days.

From what I'm told by our constables et. al, as of today (8-30 at 7:00am) Grand Lakes Presbyterian isn't reachable by road (walking, maybe). While I could be wrong, recent reports are that South Fry and Peek are still vehicle-impassable, owing to high water.

When the coast IS clear to occupy the church, we'll develop a plan whereby WE (as a church) can be the good neighbors that Katy needs...and our faith calls us to be.

In the coming months, there will be ample, ample opportunities to demonstrate the classic hymn that says: "They will know we are Christians by our love."

In the meantime, be safe!

I'm truly grateful for you.




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